It’s Hell Being Hungry After Christmas

It is the season of goodwill and in the run-up to Christmas there are many generous folk who dig deep into their pockets and give what they can to help the hungry.

There are the Salvation Army Kettles outside almost every supermarket, food drives abound in businesses all across the country where you can drop off a tin of this or a packet of that, all of which finds its way to feeding a hungry family.

Turkey Club America participates in the festive season with our Ten Thousand Turkey Program which seeks to make sure that at least 10,000 hungry people get to eat a full turkey dinner at Christmastime.

Every year we talk with so many grateful people who would not otherwise have had a special dinner for themselves or their families at Christmas. It is never nice to be hungry, but at least at Christmastime there are quite a few people out there who try to make things better for those that cannot afford to help themselves.

Then the Christmas season is over, the kettles get put back in storage to await next year’s challenge, the turkeys are gone, the food drives disappear and very often the hungry are forgotten until the next season of goodwill comes around.

But, the hungry are still there. Through the cold of winter young families, seniors, veterans all struggle to find enough to eat. The food banks are often empty, the kitchens depleted but the lines still form and the need is still as great.

Just one meal at Christmas, although greatly appreciated by those who receive it, will not meet the ever growing need that there is to fight hunger in America.

That is why here at Turkey Club America we ask you to give the cost of just one or two meals every month to help feed   children, seniors, veterans and those that are hungry all year round.

We sincerely appreciate all those that helped bring food to the needy this Christmastime. Now we ask you to show that same spirit of goodwill throughout the year and help us feed those who cannot help themselves. The need is just the same in January, February and March as it was at Thanksgiving and Christmas. The only difference is that fewer people are focused on it.

About Rev Stephen

Rev Stephen is the minister in charge at More Than Life, the parent organization of Turkey Club America. Rev Stephen was ordained in 1972 and has spent his life ministering to those in need all around the world. He has lived in the United Kingdom, New Zealand and currently lives with his wife in Northern California.
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