Formula for Growth

Turkey Club America has launched a new program “Formula for growth”.

baby formula 2The first 6 – 12 months of a child’s life are the most important time when the child’s brain is being formed. If a child doesn’t get enough to eat, or doesn’t get sufficient real nourishment during these months there is a strong likelihood that they will suffer both psychological and physical developmental disorders in the future.

Two new studies from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital show that "formula stretching," watering down infant formula or skipping feedings, can have significant health consequences on an infant's developing brain, increasing the risk for learning, behavioral and psychological problems.

In one study, the researchers studied families treated at two pediatric clinics in Cincinnati that see about 45,000 patients from underserved neighborhoods each year. Despite receiving public assistance, about 30 percent of these families could not afford to meet their basic nutritional needs."We were surprised to find one in three families worried about putting food on the table," said study co-author Dr. Andrew Beck, a general pediatrician, in a hospital news release. The inability to pay for enough food to satisfy basic nutritional needs is called food insecurity. "Food insecurity tends to be an invisible problem, forcing families to make difficult choices between nutrition and other essential needs," Beck said.

Through “Formula for Growth” Turkey Club America is trying to ensure that every food bankmother and baby and pantry that we support has enough baby formula to meet the needs of all the families that they care for. We want our children to have the chance to grow up to be healthy and well developed and we recognize that this starts with adequate nutrition in the first years of life.

To do this, we need your help. If you are new to Turkey Club America, please join us and give the cost of just one or two meals a month to help feed hungry children, families, seniors and veterans here in America. A portion of every subscription will go to the “Formula for Growth” program.

If you are already a member then please consider upgrading your membership to the next level. The extra that you give will be used to support “Formula for Growth”

And please remember that if you join or upgrade to the silver level our commercial sponsors will give you a magazine subscription, completely free of charge.

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