Our Mission

Fighting hunger in America – It's all we do.

It all started when there were a couple of families in our Church that we realized could not afford to put a Turkey on the table at Thanksgiving. A generous member wanted to help but did not want to embarrass the families by doing so directly.

Mission photo 1From such a small beginning Turkey Club was born. The idea took hold and spread nationwide – not just to provide Turkeys at Thanksgiving and at Christmas but to fight hunger wherever we find it throughout the year.

Turkey Club America is fast becoming a leading provider of food and resources to feed needy, homeless and hungry children, families and individuals across our nation.

We have one goal. To provide money to feed those who are genuinely hungry.

We are not engaged in politics or multiple social programs, nor are we a lobbying group. We simply use the money that our members generously give each month to support food banks, buy food, provide meals, feed hungry children, families and veterans across America and encourage others to give whatever they can afford to join us.

Mission photo 2Some people are able to volunteer their time or to give produce at food drives and we applaud them and thank them for their generosity. We work with them every day in all the many food banks and missions that we serve.

We can't all give our time or participate in volunteer activities so Turkey Club America has grown to support those who don't have the ability to give time or goods but still want to help those that are in need by donating their money instead.

We guarantee that the money that you give will be used to help feed the hungry in America.

With more and more people joining the ranks of the hungry each day and faced with the increasing need for food assistance across the country from California to Maine the members of Turkey Club America in nearly every state are providing active assistance and positive help to those in need through their regular donations.

 We need for you to join us by donating the cost of a meal or two each month to help feed the hungry.

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Your support will help us end hunger in America – period.

Turkey Club America is a ministry of More Than Life, a 501(c) 3 not for profit organization. All donations are fully tax deductable as permitted by law.

Give the cost of just one
or two meals a month


Feed a hungry child. Just $10 each month will help us to make sure that at least 10 children do not go to bed hungry tonight. Join Now

This child was fed today but many more are hungry and need your help


Feed a family. Just $15 each month will provide 3 meals a week for a family of 4 at one of our partner centers. Join Now

This family has not eaten regular meals for many weeks


Provide home food service for the elderly. Just $20 each month is all we need for volunteers to provide regular meal service to a senior citizen. Join Now

This elderly couple are only alive today because someone cared


Support all our food programs. Just $25 or more each month helps us to feed children, the homeless, veterans and many poor families in need. Join Now

Food banks like this are supported by your donations