2.5 Million American Children will go to bed hungry tonight. That is nearly 6% of all the children in America.

Households with Children face hunger at almost double the rate for those without children.

One third of Single Parent Households go hungry at least one day every week.

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Maria and her 4 year old son Anthony live in a small town on the Illinois, Missouri border. Maria works part time in the local Wal-mart and scrapes together enough money each week to pay the rent on their small trailer home and buy some basic necessities for herself and her son. “Sometimes, when it gets really cold, it is difficult to decide whether to buy food or turn on the heat,  there just isn’t enough money to do both.

"There is a lovely lady who looks after Anthony while I am at work and she gives him some meals and her house is nice and warm. When I collect him on my way home from work I know we will be going to our cold house and that we may not be able to eat another proper meal that day.”

Maria is always looking for a betBoy with Melonter job with more hours and more money but with so many in the area unemployed work is almost impossible to find and she considers herself lucky to have the job that she has.

“Every Thursday at 4 we go down to the Faith Center where they give us a hot meal and a bag of food that we can take away to use over the weekend. Without the help that we get there I just don’t know how we would survive.”

Members of Turkey Club America provide food for the Faith Center and for many families like Maria and Anthony.

Join the fight against Hunger in America – give the cost of just one or two meals a month to help feed hungry children and families.

Some images and identifying details have been changed - but the people are real.

Give the cost of just one
or two meals a month


Feed a hungry child. Just $10 each month will help us to make sure that at least 10 children do not go to bed hungry tonight. Join Now

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Feed a family. Just $15 each month will provide 3 meals a week for a family of 4 at one of our partner centers. Join Now

This family has not eaten regular meals for many weeks


Provide home food service for the elderly. Just $20 each month is all we need for volunteers to provide regular meal service to a senior citizen. Join Now

This elderly couple are only alive today because someone cared


Support all our food programs. Just $25 or more each month helps us to feed children, the homeless, veterans and many poor families in need. Join Now

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