Veterans are more than twice as likely to need help with food.

We cheer when they go to war, we salute them when they return and then, all too often, we forget about them when they are in need.


“I had never really thought about what it meant to be hungry until I met Rick. He was a veteran who had made some bad choices since coming back from Iraq and ended up on the street and relying on the rescue mission for his food.

When I heard his story it brought tears to my eyes. I so wanted to help him but he was too proud to accept any gift from me.

By giving each month to the Turkey Club I can help Rick and people like him and make sure that whatever else is wrong in their lives at least they get to eat.

I don’t have lots of money to spare, but I can easily give the cost of a meal every month to provide food for people like Rick.”

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Since 2004, Edward’s life has been a near-constant struggle. Shortly after losing his job due to a chronic illness, this 48 year old Iraq war veteran also received temporary custody of his ex-girlfriend’s four children. He has since drained his savings, and cannot get by solely with the assistance of food stamps and modest disability pay. Faced with virtually no income and a newfound family to feed, Edward began to search for help. He contacted the San Antonio Food Bank for support. Through the food bank, he found out about local food services offered at a church—where he now receives groceries two Thursdays each month. “It’s been a blessing because it gets me through the week,” Edward explains. With the food he receives, Edward creates weekly menus for the kids—with rice and beans, he makes chalupas; with chicken and ham, he makes sandwiches.

Join the fight against Hunger in America – give the cost of just one or two meals a month to help feed hungry veterans, children and families.

Some images and identifying details have been changed - but the people are real.

Give the cost of just one
or two meals a month


Feed a hungry child. Just $10 each month will help us to make sure that at least 10 children do not go to bed hungry tonight. Join Now

This child was fed today but many more are hungry and need your help


Feed a family. Just $15 each month will provide 3 meals a week for a family of 4 at one of our partner centers. Join Now

This family has not eaten regular meals for many weeks


Provide home food service for the elderly. Just $20 each month is all we need for volunteers to provide regular meal service to a senior citizen. Join Now

This elderly couple are only alive today because someone cared


Support all our food programs. Just $25 or more each month helps us to feed children, the homeless, veterans and many poor families in need. Join Now

Food banks like this are supported by your donations