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Feeding the needy in America is a job for all of us.

How CanI Help photo1There are those who say that it is simply their own fault if a family cannot feed themselves, but they are people that have never been hungry.

Here in America thousands of families go to bed hungry every night, not because they are lazy or they don't want to work or they think the system owes them a living but simply because, despite all their efforts, they just can't, often just for the time being, afford the cost of food on the table.

Turkey Club America is dedicated to helping our fellow Americans who are going through hard times by providing them with that most basic of needs—food to eat.

You can help by joining with thousands of others to give the cost of just one or two meals each month to help feed hungry families.

How Can I Help-photo 2You may not even notice the cost of what you are giving or it may be a great sacrifice, but you can be sure that those that get to eat because of your generosity will notice and will be grateful to God and to you that their fellow Americans cared enough to help them in their time of need.

By giving just the cost of one or two meals a month to help feed hungry children, families, seniors and veterans you can really make a difference.

So, if you have not already, join Turkey Club America today and help a family in need.


Just One Meal photo

Thank you for helping me.

Give the cost of just one
or two meals a month


Feed a hungry child. Just $10 each month will help us to make sure that at least 10 children do not go to bed hungry tonight. Join Now

This child was fed today but many more are hungry and need your help


Feed a family. Just $15 each month will provide 3 meals a week for a family of 4 at one of our partner centers. Join Now

This family has not eaten regular meals for many weeks


Provide home food service for the elderly. Just $20 each month is all we need for volunteers to provide regular meal service to a senior citizen. Join Now

This elderly couple are only alive today because someone cared


Support all our food programs. Just $25 or more each month helps us to feed children, the homeless, veterans and many poor families in need. Join Now

Food banks like this are supported by your donations